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WT.Social is a new generation inventive social network launched by the Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.

We created a multilanguage place to help discuss all topics about the new generation social media.

WTCommunity.Social is a knowledge base, a forum and news site for WT.Social.

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  1. Joan Loewe

    What is link to join?

  2. osr

    How can I create a new forum?

  3. Vincent Freeman


  4. vickip

    I’d like to see a thread of recent politics, is there a way to join a thread?

  5. Kradek


  6. Alfalfa

    Facebook users are roaming the streets in tears, shoving photos of themselves in people’s faces and screaming ‘DO YOU LIKE THIS? DO YOU?’

    – giorgiss

  7. Michael Vanna

    I am thrilled about a new platform without all the drama…

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