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A brief overview of WT.Social

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Wikitribune Social is an innovative social network.

We first launched WikiTribune as an innovative and inventive Wiki-based platform based on news offering. Our whole community made a hard effort to collaborate in terms of news, share important facts and generally promote a brand new approach to creating and dispersing journalism of high-quality. We are currently trying to move another step forward. Wikitribune wishes to become a trustworthy social network that can be used by people like you who are always seeking for the truth. We promise to work hard in order to develop some productive discussions associated with every little fact that’s happening all over the world and has an impact on our life. The growth of social networks has unfortunately given rise to several voices of bad actors from around the world.

Wikitribune promises to be different

Wikitribune wishes to be something entirely different. To start with, we will never sell your personal data. Our whole platform continues to grow thanks to the generosity of individual donors. That practically ensures that your privacy is always protected and the social space is free of unnecessary ads. Wikitribune will continue its successful build-up only if our community continues to grow. Sign up today, invite your friends, show us your valuable support and spread the words. We really need you and want to participate in our revolution.

Do you have any questions?

Please email us at info{@} and our expert community manager will contact you back as soon as possible!

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  1. Bohol

    Does WT Social have a stable Android mobile app? Is messenger-like feature integrated into this new platform?

  2. Zachary Ian Price

    How do we all join this social network and we all need links and the ability to widely and easily share

  3. WTCommunity Admin


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