WT.Social skyrocketing right now

WT.Social skyrocketing right now

Jimmy Wales published their member growth statistics 5 hours ago and seems incredible.

Let me share a piece of information about his statement:

In the past two days we have exploded in growth! We ended Friday at midnight with 91,452 members. At this moment we have 183,575 members! By midnight tonight we will be well past 200,000.

My ambitions for this project are huge, and you are here right at the beginning. If we can get to 20 million – or 200 million – users we can start to materially improve the flow of information in the world, and we can put a serious dent in the social media giants who have done so much to destroy democracy.

Jimmy Wales

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  1. Fantastic news. I think this could be possible: many people are tired of FB and Twitter and may be willing to start all over again, setup a new place where to get their news and information, and maybe keep FB for the family/friends photos and such.

  2. Face book has become a propaganda tool for tRUMP,Putin and the Russian bots. There is so much information that’s just bold faced right wing lies. TRUMP DID IT AND HES GUILTY .

  3. Bravo for this splendid idea! I hope it stands alone and becomes more than the Anti-Facebook.
    But it IS a reasonable premise … Facebook without the greed.
    Could potentially fill an enormous need for reliable factual information with which to navigate the current world.
    Good luck to all of us!

  4. Great! I’m ready to start!

  5. Great. People are getting tired of the shallowness of the more popular social media sites. Let the stronger tribe grow.

  6. It’s nice to try a new place. Facebook is getting dull.

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