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First, if you are looking for WT.Social, click here.

We have created the WTCommunity website (this website) and forums independently from WT.Social to build a community around WT.Social and to help users with questions about it.

Therefore, we can’t answer direct questions regarding WT.Social, e.g. errors, bugs, login failures, operational questions etc.

However, we are continually creating tutorials on how things work on WT.Social. Please check these guides carefully, we believe you will find almost all answers for your every question since we try to cover everything.

I recommend following our Youtube channel too to get notified about new videos: WTCommunity YouTube Channel

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There are so many confused new users out there wandering through the unusual WT.Social platform pages. While we already made a lot of tutorials on how things work, we need your help to do more and cover as many upcoming features as possible.
If you support our goals please consider financially supporting our mission by a tiny donation.