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WT.Social Hit 400K Members Today!

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WT.Social spread like wildfire and just hit 400.000 registered users.

What do you think how many days needed to 500K?

Share your bet with us on the forums or comment here

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  1. cristi.baluta

    So from 400k nobody thought to leave a comment to this post?

  2. Ivan

    I know its early days, but the pages are kinda klunky right now. Reminds me of old-style bulletin board sites back in the 1970s and 80s. I have 2 main reasons for being on facebook (apart from arguing politics, which is gonna stop real soon)
    1. Keeping in touch with remote family & friends
    2. Promoting my band locally.

    I`ll be curious to see how quickly the site grows up & how easy you find it to keep the bunches of azaleas (C) Steve Martin off. 😀
    P.S. I still kinda like emoticons/emojis/w.h.y

  3. Greg Tylavsky

    How do I join ?

  4. KaiNikulainen

    Why no new updates since December?

    1. WTCommunity Admin

      We are working on it, and waiting to hit the 500k users

      1. Elysia

        Hi will this be able to integrate shopping? Like link to Shopify etc? I am SO HAPPY this is happening! I despise everything about Fb and as much as I like and use WhatsApp and Instagram…. I would eventually disassociate with them too once I can use some sort of social media to market, promote and sell my products. How do I get this? Thanks!

        1. version

          It’s not a marketing network. I suggest you look elsewhere.

          The non-toxic social network
          Welcome to a place where advertisers don’t call the shots.

  5. jeremy lieberman

    There is no harm in having some of basic functionality of reddit or similar sites.
    Need a front page with scrollable popular and or specific categories and comments below. That’s how people are introduced to, and can well interact with a knowledge and news based social network. This site feels a bit too much like wikis. Wikis of course have tremendous use, and indeed aspects of wikis can and will be used here, however a social network requires more. Thanks j


    close 50% fof 1million members, what now?

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