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      On this new site, I offer reliable information (from experience) on how to practice Yoga Breathing and experience the benefits of doing so.
      Think of this as how to be and feel beautiful on the inside.
      Please send me your questions. Note… There is no such thing as a silly question, feel free to ask anything about this topic.
      Light. Love n’ Laughter.

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      Do you have any pitch about using yoga breathing to help quit smoking ?
      Thanks in advance !

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      Hi Robyn,
      Yoga Breathing is about finding and benefitting from the power it gives.
      Seven years ago I started with very high blood pressure, diabetes (type2) and a lot of body fat.
      I now have Ok BP, I’m no longer diabetic, lost four stones (64lbs or 30kg) and after 55 years of not singing, I have a voice in the operatic range. I literally went from zero to Nessun Dorma.
      Once you realise how little you are able to process oxygen as a smoker you understand how much of your life your wasting giving up your own life-power to an expensive plant.
      You could meditate on the rich individuals laughing at you kill yourself for their profit.
      I hope that helps.
      Good luck.

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