WT.Social Registration Tutorial Video

WT.Social Registration Tutorial Video

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  1. Hello,
    How is WT:Social funded?

  2. I believe by the own wealth of the founder

  3. Not an easy place to navigate. Starting with the video…why not just have “JOIN” right up on the front page because though I registered, I couldn’t find out how to “join” or to be offered the various groups to join.

    1. Why would registration and joining be separate tasks?

      1. You can join to WT.Social and register here the forums. different places

  4. Hello, I’m getting an error saying that my password isn’t strong enough. There are upper and lower case letters, it is 10 characters, contains a number and a symbol… thus meeting all the requirements.

  5. I registered but saw nothing like the sign up windows in the video.

  6. I am still struggling join! Why is it so made difficult? I have registered, know there is a waiting list but still can’t get on it!

    1. I think It’s not difficult, fill the form, join, done.
      You might be wait if don’t want pay a contribution.

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