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Hi – I started with AOL when it was dial-up, was on a couple of Bulletin Boards, joined Sierra Online’s Imagination Network and have been through various incarnations of social networks since, up to today. I also made several very successful FB games.
My first suggestion/idea is that you get really clear on the unique value you’re offering to your members and PR the heck out of that. Is it “crowd sourced facts you can count on”? Is it the “serious news you can use” for Gen Xers who don’t want to use FB? Is it the most “private information secure social network ever”?

Right now WT.Social doesn’t seem to have an identity.
My second idea/suggestion is that you add some ultra simple ways for members of your network to interact so that your social network can become a “hangout” vs a BBS/Forum. Keep them SUPER simple and atomic so you can move quick and build on them over time.

Ideas: Real time chat lobby, simple dice roll command, up/down vote system, “a fact confirmed” icon or something so people know they don’t have to do personal research on data provided before sharing it, etc. Simple atomic interaction points that you can build over time into a system.
Admins – if you are reading this and want to talk about ideas, feel free to hit me up (through FB, linkedin, email) and reference this note.

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