Create Categories for Sub Wikis

4 years agoapproved0

When I started on creating this request yesterday, there were 94 pages of sub wikis on the page for selecting new sub wiki to which to subscribe. Today, there are 97. Given that this site is only starting out the page count will certainly go into the hundreds if not thousands. It’s unlikely that I’ll page through all 97 page. nor go back in the future to see if there are any new ones in which I would be interested. My feature suggestion is that some sort of categorization system be added to allow a user to view sub wikis in a specific category. I would think the easiest way to do this would be at the creation of the sub wiki or with edit for existing sub wikis. The categories could be a fixed set with an “other” category for those that don’t fit the scheme. The categories could be created by the users. This option would have to be monitored to avoid overlapping, duplicate, or overly restrictive categories. Another closely related feature would to have a recently added sub wikis to avoid have a user have go over the ones he or she has already seen.

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