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      Mike Braun

      I was hoping to find some other artists. I’m not sure how I do that. I take it this site doesn’t allow upload of jpgs, etc, at least yet. Or at least I can’t see how to do it. If you are a photographer or digital artist say hi. I would love to share experiences. I live in metro Denver Colorado.

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      The ability to upload photos comes at a nasty cost on other sites, as you’re forced to agree to all sorts of terms of use clauses. Embedding an image tag is slightly clumsier, but you retain control.

      I’d hope eventually, that WT would allow you to choose your photo repo – eg. flickr, google images, 500px, iCloud – and the editor would then integrate with that, rather than duplicating your image.

      Just gonna try one now… hope it works 🙂

      Hmm – nope. Can’t get the post to submit while it has the image tag in it 🙁

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      I am voting for WT to include images-photos, art, etc. This is just getting started. Let’s find a way to make this happen. Not to mention we need to be able to share music, poetry & story telling.

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