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      A big part of my life is music. Will WT.Social be able to satisfy my need to learn and share about bands?

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      +1 on this. Bring back the online music community.

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      I’m in with the music lovers & hoping this can be made to share it…but from what I read going back to the HOME page I think it is conceived as a NEWS site. Although, I have not seen a single news item, yet. I am willing to give this time but I’m not a web or graphic designer myself.

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      Shameless plug here, for those wanting to hear more music. Sunday August 2nd 2020 from 8:30 pm MEST, 7:30 WEST, 12:30 U.S. Mountain Time, Radio Free D’ni will present music about and/or connected with astronomy. If interested, check out http: // radiofreedni . org (remove the spaces there if you dare 😛 ).

      Disclosure: I am one of the contributors to the channel, so I have a little self-interest there. Anyway, it is a weekly effort by a small group of music enthusiasts to spread the good vibes along with some background info about what you’re hearing.

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