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      Over 6 months and ZERO updates to homepage. RIP WTcommunity 2019-2020.

      Maybe if they intergraded this site with Wikipedia it would have worked better. Hard to convince grandma to leave Facebook for ethical reasons. Just another social website failure just like Gab, Voat, and Parler.

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      It’s still in it’s infancy.

      I remember Facebook in it’s earliest years, it was so slow that I rage quit a few times when adding features/apps to their platform.
      Took a few years for them to clean up their pages and make it more streamlined.

      Personally I simply have no choice, Facebook keeps banning me, now it’s finding posts I made years ago and punishing me for that. Still half-way serving my current ban of 30 days. I simply have no choice, can’t even swear now without getting the Facebots to issue the banhammer.
      I have to make this work as it’s not working out for me on Facebook, going to terminate my Facebook account when bans over.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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