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      Tom Goldwin

      Is WT Social better than Facebook and Twitter?

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      It’s very easy to setup a Facebook profile than LinkedIn or Twitter. Every person from any language can use this platform.

      Facebook is now a popular marketing place. Every online business use Facebook to reach their customers.

      No social media works like Facebook. I think Next 100 years, Facebook will be dominates social networking world.

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      Which aspect do you think?
      there can be a lot angle of view…

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      Ease of use and FB being utilized by business is a consideration for those users. The downside of the site is the data harvesting and intrusive practices of companies such as FB. I gave up on FB over a year ago, and I hope for better things from this site.

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      it’s a BBS nothing more for now, really different than FB or the little blue bird. The former google social platform Orkut was less user friendly than FB but no BS or much ads were spamming on your new feed.

      So we will see if it will better or not, it’s way to soon to say anything

Viewing 4 reply threads
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