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      So… im here, on my ‘feed’ i only see tutorials, i type “trump” in search and thera are no results, I search for ‘car’ and no results… what am I doing here?
      where are the subwikis, what is this all about? if it’s social, where is my ‘add to friends’ button?

      Is this a new fancy reddit? But without any posts?

      I’m lost and lonely

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      John Kirk

      This question strikes a chord with me.. I gravitate to your dilemma..

      I too ask.. whats it all about.. where is everything hiding ?

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      I think the participants have to create everything. The space for forums is provided for us, and we get to develop it. Might be pretty cool.

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      This is how the internet started – people with shared interests sharing comments and information. No pictures of the kids or what we had for lunch – no porn as yet and no huckstering flim-flam of any kind. Wow – imagine that! I also looked for “Trump” after signing on – just to see how it worked – and nothing came up. Could be a good sign …

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      John Kirk

      any search input that has returned a result ?

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