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      Hello 🙂

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      Hello! Yeah, it sounds pretty hollow right now but we’re just getting started. I’m a poet and not a very computer orientated one so I shall not be creating grand platforms that rival fb or twitter. But I hope that that will happen here. I hope we can make this a viable alternative to fb & twitter. I can conceptualize what the space can be but not be able to make it happen. That I hope is what our community will be able to do.
      You have your super powers and I have mine. Let’s put them together and “form a more perfect union.”
      That said we could use some direction on how to meet in groups or create areas for sharing interests.
      I’ve always thought that there should be some more open “play” space where speakers can listen or share that isn’t just linear.

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      Hello All! I hope this day finds you well!

      I’m a recently retired 65 year old n’erdowell and lifelong computer enthusiast. AOL… IRC Chatrooms… Myspace… Facebook… and now, yet another new beginning!

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