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      There’s a never-ending fight for a safe place for artists looking to share NSFW content…
      What is the law of the land, in this new world? Will those of us looking to share our work without restriction find a safe place here?

      Let me know!! I’d love to share, and pass the word on to other artists. It will surely generate growth!

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      Samantha Adelaide

      Following. I belong to the pole world, and we are regularly sensored by IG and FB for ‘too much exposed skin’. Ahem… we need skin to stick to the pole???? We’re blocked because you can see ‘nipple outlines’ – ahem! Guys are showing them exposed all the time.. BUT THE WORST THING! The awful personal messages we receive from men, dick pics and the like. FB and IG don’t seem to do anything about them. BUT, if someone posts it as an example ofhow awful it is?? They get put in FB or IG gaol… Seriously…

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      I would also like to know the answer to this. I’m not in favor of censorship, especially when it concerns erotic, nude, or NSFW content, however I would also like to be able to filter that content out totally if and when I want.

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      Would make sense to have two options – one filtered & one not. Then have an age limit filter on the uncensored one.

      Amazes me that sites like FB are so clumsy at dealing with stuff like this.

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